Strories Of Change- Trinath Jhara

Meet Dhokra Artist- Trinath Jhara

No wonder you don't realize craftsmanship at its very core.

Trinath Jhara. A husband, father of four, and a colossus of art in an endangered methodical tradition.

A dhokra artist, spent a whole lot of 20 years in refining intricacies and in practicing absolute shrewdness in this artform. His ingenuity drips from simplistic yet elitist approaches to create marvelous and epic sculptures.

He had to deplete himself most of his life sufficing in meager income, dealt with severities of surviving in poverty despite his art being a sight to the sore eyes. There is no doubt of how he cleverly implements his insight into fancied and deft frames of his.

Last year, he decided to celebrate himself in Coshal and was provided with a fifty percent increment and a hefty grinder as an incentive for his glorious and lavish handicrafts.