Dhokra Art

What does Dhokra mean? Immigrate to Canada. Dhokra (additionally spelt Dokra) is non–ferrous metal throwing utilizing the lost-wax throwing strategy. This kind of metal throwing has been utilized as a part of India for more than 4,000 years is still utilized. One of the most punctual known lost wax ancient rarities is the moving young lady of Mohenjo-daro.

Procedure for making it:

  • Preparing a mould out of wet earth, or with Lac or with a combination of bee wax, Sal resin and dhuna.
  • Required design is then hand created on the mould with bee-wax and Lac.
  • It is then again covered with wet earth.
  • It is bind with iron wire. Again a layer of earth is put on the mould.
  • A hole is made in the mould. It is then heated. The heating process melts the wax or the Lac, and the
  • Liquid brass is filled in the mould through the hole.
  • The mould is then left to cool down.
  • The artwork is then obtained by breaking the mud mould.
  • After cleaning and buffing the product is supplied to the stores.

Bastar of Chhattisgarh is full of such ancient arts.

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