We Are Coshal Art

Coshal Art is the platform for traditional handcrafted products that deeply empower the Dhokra artisans.

Here at Coshal, we are committed to developing and promoting the beautifully handcrafted creations of tribal artisans and specially abled craftsmen.


Our offerings guarantee to appeal to the senses while also striking a balance between modern and rustic aesthetic sensibility. A plethora of products, ranging from home décor to popular gifts to jewelry, are showcased here and available for sale online. The ancient and intricate Dhokra art (metal casting which uses lost wax casting) owes its uniqueness to the style of work mostly seen in Bastar, Chhattisgarh.


Digital visitors are encouraged to view the item and enjoy some of the small details seen in the work. With time, we hope to let you discover the true story behind every product.

Where We Began

Marks can leave its mark on people, but also refer to a stain, or wider, more systemic flaws. The education system in India has long since assigned an unequal weightage and priority to bookish knowledge over artistic talent. In 2019, Team Coshal got together and decided to combine passion for art with skilling. The choice of associating with tribal and specially-abled artisans was made, keeping in mind multiple far-reaching objectives: reviving and keeping alive traditional Indian handicraft and handloom, helping artisans turn lifelong passion to career, and most importantly, giving back to the community while stimulating and driving the local economy!


It makes us extremely happy to say that there has been no turning back. From winning the trust of artisans and customers alike, to maturing our products and design to reflect a clean, rustic yet modern look and feel, we have constantly been redefining what Coshal Art means – a coming together of beauty, harmony, tradition and culture. We succeeded in creating a culture of inclusiveness and diversity, not only within the workplace but also in the display of our finest products, which are tailor-made to suit your every occasion and need.


Coshal Art ensures economic safety and elevated status for 30+ artisans to pave the path for future success. By extending support, we strengthen the families which constitute the basic units of society, with the view that each and every family member may become an independent and able citizen who contributes to society. The cascade effect, in turn, contributes in creating an environment of peace, prosperity and development in villages and attack prone red corridor areas. These include Ektaal in Raigarh, and Karanpur and Dahikonga in Kondagaon. Out of these, the last two face severe unrest due to attacks by Naxals.


Our mission is to ease lives by generating livelihood and augmenting incomes. In our initial year, we created a monetary sum of 2.5 lakhs for our artisans. Generating this amount has not only benefited and advanced tribals, but also perpetuated the rise of women from specially-abled communities. Formally, we were recognized for our efforts when one of our members received NFI's (National Foundation of India) Dr. C Subramanian award. We thank our tribal and specially-abled artisans, as well as our customers. They all count. They often reward us with meaningful and genuine smiles.


We are a group of art and culture lovers with desi dreams. Some of us are artisans favouring and mastering the traditional artforms (handicraft, handloom, …) which make the world a more colourful and vibrant place. Individuals, learners and professionals make up our dev, design and workflow teams. These teams can also be described as a collective of lifelong learners who come together and creatively liberate one another. While business incubators and accelerators ignite the entrepreneur within us, mentors all over the state and country regularly pitch in to help improve our products and offerings. All in all, we bring each and every task to complete finish and detail, preserving the treasures of the nation by ensuring that they first reach YOU.

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